Cloud Infrastructure Platforms

Cloud infrastructure platforms have obvious benefits of cost-saving, but we think, the real value is the ability to concentrate and provide continuous improvement on what your company is good at, rather than getting lost in the complex world of managing IT infrastructure.

This is an era of outsourcing to companies who are good at what they do so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and waste your time in deviations from your actual goal

Sybyl has several years of experience and expertise in IT-based solution, cloud is just an extension of what we do in your individual data centers.

Contact us if you are looking for locally build cloud data center solution as follows:

1.     Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

2.     Platform as a Service (PAAS)

3.     Software as a Service (SAAS)

4.     Communication as a Service (CommAAS)

5.     Anything as a Service

We differentiate compared to the public cloud as follows:

1.     In-country  cloud, you know where your data is residing physically

2.     Compliant with government regulation to keep data in-country

3.     No network latency

4.     Access your data securely

5.     Highly Experienced engineers to ensure 24 x 7 support

Monthly payment will allow you go to market faster with your product and solution than spending valuable time for IT rollouts.

For more information about our Sybyl Cloud solution please visit our Sybyl Cloud Website here