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Business Applications and Software Solutions Cutting Across Industries

Information Technology in the true sense is a combination of Applications, Data and ICT Infrastructure.

Infrastructure provides the necessary vehicle while data creates the necessary knowledge repository, Applications provide necessary business drivers to help achieve results expected.

Sybyl has partnered with Application Developers to help our clients in East Africa to leverage technology to offer better services to their customers. Our application portfolio cuts across various industries such as FSI, Government and General Purpose Applications.

We offer both in-house deployments and also managed services based offerings on SaaS model. We are committed to developing enterprises and society through quality systems, solutions and technical services. Our packaged and tailored software solutions for different business sectors, offer a combination of on-premise, hybrid and cloud deployment models. We have partnered with the best of global vendors including Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. These solutions are supported by Sybyl’s own strong team of certified, cross-functional engineers.

Our Business Applications Partners

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01. Core Banking and Financial Applications

Sybyl helps in transforming banks and financial institutions by delivering scalable services, we manage and execute strategic initiatives, providing innovative delivery models. We transform banks and financial institutions by delivering scalable services.

02. Business Solutions

We bring you a great experience in accounting, business management software and accounting software to assist you in determining your business software needs. Sybyl provides accounting software and business management software, and services for small to mid-sized.

03. Public Sector Revenue Management Solution (PSRM)

The Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management solution offers a complete set of features and functions to address the needs of government authorities responsible for the administration of revenue law and policy.

04. e-Government

Public Sector organizations face different challenges. Adding resource constraints to the mix, and the puzzle of how to effectively serve a 21st century populous becomes even more difficult to solve.

05. Integrated Services

Sybyl deploys expert integration services that tie multiple software platforms together into a unique platform capable of efficiently handling your business needs.

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security